Welcome to the Sugarloaf Convivium

A new convivium is born. Meet the steering group who brought this to fruition. Ed, Jocelyn, Biddie, Evan, Aisling. The first meeting too place in Brooklodge on 26th October 2009.  Looking forward to an eventful year for the new Sugarloaf Convivium

First meeting

SugarloafClub first meeting


6 responses to “Welcome to the Sugarloaf Convivium

  1. Looks fab! Here’s looking forward…

  2. Well done everyone, good to see a local food group celebrating the best of Wicklow. We’re delighted to be involved and look forward to the future slow food events.

  3. Enjoyed the launch event and cheesetasting workshop immensely. Happy Cheesemas all!

  4. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Yearto all !

    Wondering about Feb event… sausage tasting ( as against making!) with good and strange beers at our place???? Any particular requests? Last time we tasted the beers, we had some (weird, but very strong )Russian stouts.
    I guess it is just number dependant, the more of us there are, the more types we can buy… ( can only get the beer by the case…)
    …. and then there is the secret plan!

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