Domhnach na bhFraocháin… Fraughan Sunday 25th July

Fraughan Sunday traditionally takes place on the last Sunday in July, although it had previously been known as part of the Lughanasa festival in pre-Christian Ireland. We are assured that changes in ancient calendars, rather than global warming seem to have brought the harvest forward!

This year as part of our journey with wild foods, we are going to harvest, pick, eat, store, bake, preserve and gorge on Wild Wicklow Bilberries! This will take place at a secret location in the county ( somewhere between Rathnew and Rathdrum!)

This event is FREE!

You will need appropriate clothing/ footwear as the spot is about 15-20 mins walk from the road, in forest. Suitable for all ages, bring along a basket or bag for your berries, and a small picnic. We expect to spend about four hours in total, and picking bilberries is thirsty and hungry work!

We think it is a good idea to car pool. Will meet as follows:
Meet at Recycle Point opposite King’s Pub in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow @ 11.30 am. Depart 11.45 am. We can car-pool from here.
Directions to Barnbawn: Take the Rathdrum road out of Glenealy and turn right onto L 2116, this is just before the railway bridge on a bad bend. Continue uphill for 1.3 miles and take the first left. Continue for 1.9 miles keeping left at next junction. Forest entrance is on RHS. Park cars considerately on verges.
52° 57’ 49.75”N     6°11’ 57.01” W
15 Mins walk into woods following the Sugarloaf signs! Wear appropriate clothing/footwear as while the walk-in is on track, the foraging is most definatley not!
Expect to spend 3-4 hrs in total, so bring some light refreshments. Excess bilberry harvest you might have will be purchased from you on the day for The Strawberry Tree Restaurant.

Bilberries transport you more thoroughly into the role of Hunter-Gatherer than perhaps any other wild food       – Richard Mabey Author of  “Food for Free”


2 responses to “Domhnach na bhFraocháin… Fraughan Sunday 25th July

  1. Was a great day. Weather stayed good and we managed to collect enough fraughans to enjoy a Fraughan Fool made with fresh cream! (compliment of Ed and Co.) Had enough to make 3 small jars of jam which is yummy. Made it as follows:
    3/4 pound fraughans with squeeze lemon juice and 2 tablespoons water together until boiling then added just over half a pound of sugar and let it boil for 40 minutes.

  2. Having some Porksteak stuffed with Bluberries for dinner this eve…..

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