Slowmotion… or The Sunday Mat’n’Eat

Watching " End of the Line"

A scorching June Sunday, and a world cup soccer qualifier vied for the attention of Sugarloafers and some very welcome Dubliners at the innaugural screening of our food-related flicks. Sunk deep into comfy couches the assembled group of 25 relaxed in Brook Hall, and enjoyed this movie double-bill.

First up was the thought provoking The End Of the Line, which outlined the curent state of over fishing in it’s global context, and where we are headed as a result of unsustainable policies.  At interval we discussed the relevance of the movie in an Irish context, and took a “sun-break” to enjoy fantastic canapés, and a glass of wine by the river.

Stalwarth Ciarán introducing his choice movie

External Interval

Sweet Treat

The second movie was the choice of stalwarth member Ciarán Kearney, a welcome lighter billing…



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