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Bottling workshop

The bottling event was an enjoyable event for all and extremely useful for the wild food preserving for the up and coming Wild and Slow festival in November.  Many thanks to Janet for her time and expertise

Attached are some recipes to titillate your taste buds


Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade

Juice & rind of four lemons

2 lbs (900gr) of sugar

6 pints of water

2 oz (57gr) of citric acid

2 oz (57gr) Epsom Salts

1oz  (28.35gr) Tartaric acid – if you can get it

Grate zest of lemons.  Juice them and put both into a large bowl. Add the sugar and then add the in the citric acid & Epsom salts (& tartaric if you have it).  Pour the boiling water over the above & keep stirring until sugar has fully dissolved. Leave to cool thoroughly.  Strain through a fine sieve.

Bottle and refrigerate. Lemonade will keep for 3 weeks. Alternately freeze in plastic bottles.

Note: You can add elderflowers when you are adding the boiling water – this gives it an even more delicious flavour


Heating the Jars

Heating the jars

4 whole cucumbers

250 ml wine vinegar

500gr diced onion

500gr finely diced peppers – any colour

330gr white sugar

3gr mustard seed

3 cloves of garlic – crushed or finely diced

7gr turmeric

25gr salt

Top and tail cucumbers. Slice or dice them in half lengthways.
Put all ingredients, except cucumbers in a pot. With the lid on bring it to the boil, then reduce heat, simmer & cook until ingredients are soft.  Then add in cucumber & gradually stir the cucumber through the mixture.  Bring back up the heat & simmer. Simmer for 10-15 min.  Stir thoroughly and then bottle.


3 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons Sarsons Malt Vinegar

4 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

4 tablespoons Tomato Ketchup

Finely diced chilli – optional

Put all ingredients in a bowl, stir well, & mix it all up.  Leave to stand for at least an hour.

This amount shall adequately coat 8 chicken portions.

You could very gently heat up all the ingredients and then hot bottle it so that you have it for any occasion


Bottled and ready to go

Bottled and ready to go

I Ltr Rapeseed or Sunflower Oil

70 ml Wine Vinegar

500 ml squeeze orange juice

80gr wholegrain mustard

15gr salt

2 cloves crushed or diced garlic

1 handful fresh herbs – parsley & chives

Put all the ingredients into a jug & blend with a hand blender on a whisk.  Bottle. Store in a cool place or in the fridge.


2.5kg stoned plums

1.25kg Diced onions

1.5kg peeled & diced cooking apples

I ltr Wine Vinegar

1kg sultanas

1.5kg Brown Sugar or 1.5kg white sugar and 1 tbs treacle

50gr Tin Tomatoes or 50gr skinned fresh tomatoes (vine)

Lump of fresh ginger

25gr diced chilli

50gr salt

4 cloves of crushed or finely diced garlic

Put apples & vinegar in the pot and gently simmer until apples start to break down.  Lid on pot.  Then add in all the other ingredients.  Bring up to the boil & then reduce the heat to a simmer with the lid on.  Cook with lid on until the mixture starts to break down.  Then take the lid off and let it cook until the mixture is thick & glossy.  Stir regularly

Getting stuck right in

Getting stuck right in