Elderflower Picking

Elderflower Picking – Sunday 5th June

Meeting Place: Bray Swimming Pool (Shoreline Leisure Centre – Southern Cross Road, Bray) Car Park at 11am

The sun is due to shine this weekend which means the elderflowers will be in full bloom and they are best picked when the sun is on them.  Check the attached template for detailed information and for titillating recipes. Meet up at 11:00 on Sunday morning (Bray Swimming Pool (Shoreline Leisure Centre – Southern Cross Road, Bray) Car Park at 11am) for an hour or so.

What to bring

  • Bag or Basket
  • Scissors
  • Long reaching Secateurs or a walking stick or golf umbrella to reach and pull down those high elder branches.  Most elderflowers are quite high up.

Decide beforehand what recipes you would like to make and it would be handy to buy your lemons and sugar ahead of time so you can get right into making your cordial, champagne or whatever recipe you choose. Rest assured you will need min 4kg sugar, and a dozen lemons. Also, if thinking champagne, source in advance white wine yeast, although you may not need this, it can be hard to come by, with many fewer home-brew retail outlets than might be thought! Health food shops are a good starting point, and it is available on-line also, but this takes several days.

RSVP to sugarloaf@slowfoodireland.com so we know to expect you

Don’t forget to check out our blog on a regular basis and feel free to leave comments or recipes of  your own

Check out the Wild and Slow specially designed for uptodate info on the Festival for November

All Sugarloaf events are orgainsed by Sugarloafers on a voluntary basis in addition to the templates for Slow and Wild as well as the  blog and website.  Slowfood is a voluntary organisation and depends on the dedication and time of it’s members’ worldwide.

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