What is a Presidia?

“Presidia” are the Slow Food International instruments which gather in support of endangered artisan foods. They exist to determine interventions which will preserve the food, the species/habitats which form the basis of the food, and the micro-economy of the community which produces the food.

Slow Food Presidia develop Protocols which research and record all of these parameters underlying the production of a given food.

The Presidia also works to promote the foods, especially in the media. Slow Food’s intentions are to make the producers of these foods as successful as they wish to be; the use of a Presidia is also an economic intervention. For small-scale industries such frequent publicity and promotion to a global audience is the best form of advertising imaginable.

The psychological success of any food culture lies in preserving its artisan foods. These artisan foods are the avant garde of any food culture, and assisting them in any way possible is the worldwide focus of Slow Food.
The Presidia created by Slow Food are designed both to protect and promote specialist food products which are marginalised or under threat, and which deserve protection and promotion because of their culinary excellence.
Irish Presidia

Irish Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese Presidium

Irish cow’s raw milk cheeses, continually harassed by the hyper-hygienist obsessions of the food bureaucracy, are a perfect example of a food under threat. Their excellence as a foodstuff, their link to their place of origin, and their individual differences, also mark them out as outstanding food products. Thus ICRMC (Irish Cow’s Raw Milk Cheeses) are a perfect subject for a Slow Food Presidia.

Irish Smoked Wild Atlantic Salmon

The Irish Smoked Wild Atlantic Salmon Presidia was the first Presidia to be convened in Ireland. Its formation represented a collaboration between Slowfood Ireland, Slow International in Bra, Italy, and four founder artisan producers (listed on the sub-page), who were facilitated by the Coomhola Salmon Trust of Bantry, County Cork, specialists in wild salmon education initiatives. The Irish Wild Smoked Atlantic Salmon (ISWAS) Presidia was launched, together with the draft Presidia Protocol, to great acclaim at the biannual Salone del Gusto in October 2002. It was hoped that the formative work which has been undertaken will ease the way for the creation of further Irish Presidia.

Owing to a range of complicated issues surrounding the fishing for Wild Atlantic Salmon, the work of this Presidium has been temporarily put on hold, for details see:
Irish Smoked Wild Atlantic Salmon

Proposed New Presidia

Fresh Blood Pudding
Irish Seaweed
Irish Wild Flower Honey
Kiln Toasted Irish Oatmeal


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