Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bangers ‘n’ Beer

Twenty eight Sugarloafers found themselves elbow to elbow on a bitterly cold Thursday night, sipping beers and tasting sausages.

We kicked off with a wheat beer and it was matched with kettle fresh Münchener Weißwurst to give the evening it’s subtle start. These traditional Bavarian sausages were flavoured with pepper, lemon zest and a hint of ground mace.

Things got more robust quickly after that with a coarse cut grilled (Thank you, Bill!) Italian recipe Salsiccia, made with whole fennel seed and cayenne pepper. We paired these with a malty red beer.

Following on we had hot beechwood smoked Knackwurst, served directly out of the smokehouse, and we dived into the first of the evening’s stout! This stout was the lighter of the two, but only just!

Our last tasters were a double stout matched to cold smoked cured venison salami. The “Leann Folláin” stout has a lot going on… treacle, licorice, and toasted barley to mention a few.

Having sipped and scoffed all of the tasters, the remaining beer was divided out and everybody got a goodie bag of Bangers ‘n’ Beer to bring home. All beers were by The Carlow Brewing Company and tasting notes are available on request.