A Pressing Matter…

A fun day of chopping, squashing, pressing and bottling is promised for ‘Loafers and others on Sunday 10th October next, at Brooklodge, Macreddin. Co. Wicklow.  For information on times and  booking a place contact aislingnicra@gmail.com  The plan is for you to gather as many apples as you can, of as many varieties as you like, bring your own hardware, and we’ll have a communal pressing and tasting!

The interweb is awash with suggestions on how to keep and store your juice, and if you just hang onto a few plastic water bottles, get yourself down to your chemist for some citric acid, or scrub out a few demi-johns you’ll be well on the way to making more from your windfalls.

You will need to bring  apples,  a few buckets, bottles , a few cloths, some muslin(?),  citric acid/ lemon juice, demi-johns, corks, a sieve, a cutting board, a knife, peeler, a corer maybe and some labels and a pen. Come to think of it, just leave the sink at home… Try if you can to get the name of any apple varieties you’ll have with you.

We will also have some sloe-gin making on the go that day, so if you are passing any sloes make sure to grab a half kilo or so (gloves advised) and bring some sugar and a half bottle of gin along. This should be ready for Christmas.

So make that call, pop over to see your Auntie with the apple trees in her garden… she’ll be delighted to see you, and she’ll be delighted that you’ll be using her surplus apples. Sure you might even drop her in a bottle or two of juice!

For more information contact aislingnicra@gmail.com


2 responses to “A Pressing Matter…

  1. sounds great, what time does it start/end and is it open to families?

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